How Do I Change The Transmission Oil On A Kia Sedona Minivan?


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Arent you tired of bulls$%t answers that aren't answers? To change transmision fluid on kia sedona 2002 you will need metric wrench # 24. On the driver side under the car and right above frame you will find drain plug. There is not much place to work on drain plug. No need to lift car on jack stands. Place colecting fluid pan under and unscrew drain plug. Don't worry, about loosing drain plug cuse drain plug can't be taken out of drain hole since fraime is to close to drain plug. Just place drain plug on top of the frame. Now, old fluid will drain over the frame so you must play with colecting fluid pane to catch fluid. After old fluid is drained screw drain plug back in to place and add 1.9 litres or 2 quarts of transm. Fluid. That is, you are done. It takes about 15 min in total.
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To change the fluid, you must remove the transmission pan and replace the gasket. Be sure to put in the proper amount and type of fluid.

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