How To Convert Dodge Daytona To Rear Wheel Drive?


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OOH! No offense to our guest, but there is a much better answer. Yes he is correct that Mopar did make a RWD conversion kit. I'm not sure about the years it was made since I was made the same time as daytonas its hard to remember. I think I have heard of an 80's kit, however, in the IROC years I know they were converted to RWD for the IROC circuit so, that must mean there is a Mopar kit for those years. Otherwise option 2, your idea isn't very far out, a few people have done it, in fact enough have done it that, with a little searching it is possible to find aftermarket companies that still make the kits. I know this because I have the same goal as you with my daytona.
Also, for more and possibly better info, I would suggest that you try they have an entire forum devoted to daytona/lazer and very much info on them.
Good luck
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I never heard about the '91. But I know MOPAR made a conversion for the '80's Daytona/Laser. They stopped supporting them some years back. For your '91 Daytona, I don't know if you're trying to switch the orientation of the engine or not, but you may be better off buying a same year Talon or Eclipse that's AWD and working the swap from there.
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Um... I would ignore the previous post as it is clear that this person is confusing the Mitsubishi based PLYMOUTH Laser, Mitsu Eclipe, and Eagle Talon with the American designed and made CHRYSLER Laser and Dodge Daytona. If I had a nickel for every time a poster on a forum claims that the Chrysler Laser is the Mitsu twin car...
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Exline custom llc makes all the parts to convert any 1984 to 1993 dodge daytona to rear wheel drive to any mopar v8
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How much truth is to using a 86-91 mazda RX7 spindles for the rwd conversion on the DAYTONA?Daniel Wiseman

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