Is There Such A Thing,as Radial Pull/radial Tire Pull?


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Yes . When tires are built the steel belts are laid on the tire by hand. If they are off centre it creates a soft side too the tire. This soft side creates a lean in the tire creating a pull. It is very annoying but not a safety problem. Try moving ( rotating) the tire from the side that it pulls toward to the rear and see if the problem goes away. If it does not try rotating the other side because it is rare but a tire can also have a PUSH instead of a pull.Once you have isolated the tire you can leave it on the rear or replace it with a new one. Nothing can be done to repair the problem with the tire and since it is not a safety concern the manufactures do not consider it a faulty tire. Hope this helps!!
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If you have what is known as radial pull the first step is to put the tire on the opposite side of the car if it is radial pull this will solve it but if the car pull the opposite way then try flipping it on the rim if this fails the tire is defective
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This refers to the rolling resistance of a tire. With a "perfect" set of tires all the tires on a car "pull" the same. But because of age or damage a tire or tires will have greater resistance to rolling.

There is nothing that can be done other then to rotate the tires or replace the bad tire(s)

Your dealer did the right thing.
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If a front tire is found to have radial pull and is rotated to the rear, can this tire correct itself and later be rotated back to the front without radial pull?

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