I Pull A 38 Foot 5th Wheel With A Dually F350. What Is The Best Tire To Pull My RV Across Country?


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Mainly it would depend on if you are going "to the middle of nowhere", versus many highway miles. A good quality Michelin or super duty (personally I don't think I would get a real hard tire) go for ride, comfort and wear, maintain tire pressure, good maintenance, and rotation. If everything is e Harmony. What kind of tire would just be a starting point as first there are clues in the PROFILE, as a tire needs to be suited with other factors, a delicate balance or waltz, one who wants a partner and a friend, sometimes there are extremes such as conditions and sports, to include the renaissance, integrity, life's highway and being a road warrior. It makes me think about the heavy equipment I operated before I retired, you would also want to think about rain (naturally), mountainous adventures, and snow, or maybe the coast of Oregon. I have a friend going to Alaska this summer, I'll ask her. I was raised in the shadow of the Pro Football Hall of Fame (Canton, Ohio). My name is Jim (fka Frank). Stop by.

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