Is It True That VW Jetta Are Expensive To Fix When It Break Down A Lot ?


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I once owned a VW Jetta and it was expensive to run. I had several problems on a very low mileage car that landed me with big bills. It actually broke down one day when the head gasket went. This is apparently a common problem with Jetta's. I have owned three VW's, the Jetta and two Beetles and have found them all problematic in one way or another. I can't speak about the current range of cars other than my daughter runs a fairly new Golf and this has cost her quite a bit of money for repairs.
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My daughter's 01 Jetta was overheating last week, had it towed to the mechanics and they did a block test and replaced the water pump, timing belt, and thermostat and paid them $401. She drove it a couple days and it overheated again and now they are telling her it could be a blown head gasket still waiting.....

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