What Is A Measurement Scale That Has No Meaningful Absolute Zero Point. For Example: The Scheduled Arrival Times (2:00pm, 2:30pm, And 3:00pm) Of Delivery Trucks At A Loading Dock,any Ideas?


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Relative scales can be considered measurement scales that have no meaningful absolute zero points. Speed and time are examples of these, as are some scales such as IQ. These scales, rather than being compared to a point of absolute zero, are calculated relatively.

Speed is calculated relatively. If you are walking at 15 miles per hour, this number may be calculated from zero in every day terms but technically this speed is relative to how fast the earth is moving. Even this can’t be then compared to a meaningful absolute zero point as the speed the earth is moving is relative to the speed that it is moving around the sun. In turn, the speed the earth is moving around the sun is relative to the speed at which the sun is moving through the galaxy. This speed is then relative to the speed that other galaxies are moving. Physicists believe that there is no set meaningful absolute zero point for speed as there cannot be a motionless point to compare any speeds to.

Time can also be considered to have no meaningful absolute zero point. A time, such as 13:00, simply represents where the hands are on a clock. The time is not being calculated in comparison to an absolute zero point, rather it is relative to the time a millisecond before or after. Some consider that zero only has any meaning in the time 00:00 when it represents midnight, but this is still only relative to other points on the clock.

A scale that measures IQ can be said to have no meaningful absolute zero point. If a person’s IQ is measure as 105, this is not being compared to a scale of 0 to 200, rather it is compared relatively to the national average and other people’s scores. These averages change all the time and there is never one motionless point to which the scores are calculated against.
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