How Far Is Fort Carson, CO From Denver, CO? What Is The Closest Airport To Fort Carson?


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The distance between Fort Carson and Denver is 78 miles or 125 kilometers. Also, it will usually take around one hour and 30 minutes to travel between the two. The nearest airport to Fort Carson is the Colorado Springs Airport.

Colorado Springs Airport is a joint civil-military location also known as the City of Colorado Springs Municipial Airport. It is the second most frequented airport in Colorado and it is located approximately six miles from the main business district of Colorado Springs, which is a city in El Paso County. Furthermore, it sits alongside Peterson Air Force Base, which is found on the north side of the 12/30 runway. The airport contains three paved runways and covers a 7,200 acre area in Colorado. Out of the two concourses, only one of them is in use from the passenger terminal, and they are gates one to 12. They can be accessed from the passenger terminal which is situated in the center of the airport and can also be accessed via the Milton Proby Parkway. The only way to get to the second concourse, which is also known as the Western Pacific Airlines concourse, is by leaving the secured area and crossing over the main terminal. The gates on this side are 14 to 18.
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Fort Carson is the name of an Army installation in United States. It is located immediately south of Colorado Springs in El Paso County, Colorado. The closest airport to Fort Carson is Denver Airport. Denver and Fort Carson are around an hour's drive from each other.
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Fort Carson is south of Colorado Springs and is around 79 miles south of Denver. The Colorado Springs airport is about 25 miles from Ft. Carson. I don't know if Southwest flies into the Springs.
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How far from Ft. Carson to the Dr. Dobson facility in Colorado Springs

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