How To Find The Size Of A Wiper Blade?


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Go in to your auto parts store and they will look up make any model for you

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Go in to your auto parts store an they will look up make an model for you
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Wiper blade size for 1998 honda crv
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Indeed every car uses different sized wiper blades of different make. Now please remember that sometimes the driver's side wiper blade is of a different size compared to the passenger's side blade. Thus one must refer to the vehicle database manual or the owner's manual for the recommended type and size.

If you have lost your manual you can always go online and visit any of these car websites which will prescribe the exact type and size of wiper blades required for your car depending on the make and model of your car. You can also check the current set of wiper blades that you own for the size. The number is written at the end of the wiper inserts.
And as a tip please doesn't forget to always buy your wiper blades fresh thus they will not get hard and brittle upon installation.

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