What Is A Torque Seal?


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Torque seal is a stripe of lacquer applied after a torque has been accomplished on a bolt/nut. After the bolt/nut has been tightened (torqued) the lacquer is striped across the nut, washer, and threads. When the lacquer has dried it will crack or crumble if the torque is tampered with or becomes loosened.
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A torque seal is the lid which is used to seal the torque of a machine. Torque is an important part of the basic specification of an engine. When you multiply the torque of an engine by its rotational speed, you get the power output of the engine.

An internal combustion engine produces torque which is typically useful over a restricted range of rotational speeds. The torque produced by the internal combustion engine of a small car, for instance, is limited to a rotational speed of between 1, 000 rpm and 6, 000 rpm.

The torque output varies within the range of torque. It can be measured with the help of an instrument which is known as a dynamometer. It is shown as a torque curve, whose peak is below the overall power peak.

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