How Long Does It Take To Go To New York From Virginia?


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It is around 450 miles between New York and Virginia and would take around 7 and a half hours to drive. This is obviously a rough estimate as times and distances will vary slightly depending on where in New York and Virginia you are traveling to and from.

It will also be a lot shorter travel time if you are planning on taking an internal flight instead of driving. If you wish to fly then to check your flight time just head to the airlines website you wish to fly with and search Virginia to New York flights.

The easiest way to find the distances between locations and also the predicted travel times is to use Google Maps.

To use Google Maps simply follow these steps:

• Head to • Click on 'Get Directions'
• Type in your starting point in 'Box A'
• Type in your desired destination in 'Box B'
• Click 'Get Directions'
• You will then be given the distance in miles and the predicted travel time

You can also access Google Maps on most smartphones. For example on the iPhone simply click on the app that says 'Maps'. You can then type in your starting point and desired location and it will tell you the distance and suspected travel time.

Sat Navs and GPS systems are also a great tool to check distances between places.

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