How Do You Fix Big End Bearings?


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Big end bearings that become problematic have to be fixed by having the entire engine and machining to be completely stripped down and the crankshaft and other critical inner components have to be re machined and reground at an engineering shop. It is an expensive procedure to have this work done.

You will need the help of a garage to have this problem fixed. The identification of this problem is by sound. One can make out the distinctive sound of a solid piece of metal being struck by a hammer when something has to do with the bearings going bad.

This sound is heard when the engine has a load on it. This condition results due to the presence of excessive free play between the big end bearings' concerned load surface of the crankshaft and the big end bearings.
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Big ends are bearings are on the end of crank rods; when worn they 'rattle' at startup; The noise described hear occurs when you have worn MAIN bearings on the crank shaft - dummy!

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