How Do You Fix A Handbrake Cable?


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A number of things can go wrong with the hand brake cable. It is however very similar to the brakes found on cycles. The brake works when the cable is pulled. Sometimes the cable may get a bit loose by over use and this may result in the brake not having enough pressure in it any more. In this case all that need to be done is tightening. The cable attaches itself to the shaft of the hand brake lever via a nut and screw system. One has to only tighten this screw to get it working order.

Sometimes when the handbrake is not used for a long period of time it may seize, the same thing can happen to the vehicle's brakes if left standing for too long. It is believed that keeping the handbrake in use, especially for parking the vehicle can prevent this problem from developing.
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Hey my handbrake has been tighten by myself from the shaft but it still does not hold when I'm on a hill.. I was wondering what will be the solution to fixing this?

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