How To Install A CD Player In Your Car?


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You can save a lot of money by sparing the installation charges for a CD player in your car. You can do it yourself provided that you have the time and the inclination to make the effort. First buy a CD player which is compatible to your car. You may find the adapter kits with some models but again they are likely to cost you a lot. You can read the instruction manual of your car as well as the CD player for tips and suggestions on installing. Get your tools and unhook the cable of the car battery.

After that, remove the dashboard and the old unit if you have one. Connect the wires of the speaker and also connect the ground on the back of the new unit. Now is the turn of connecting the power wires of the CD player. After that you just plug in the car battery and test the player to see that it is properly connected and working well. If it does just put the player in the slot decided for it and secure it well.

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