Which Airport Is Nearest To Lake Como?


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Lake Como is near Milano in Italy. There are four airports near it: Linate, Malpensa (MXP), Orio al Serio Airport and Lugano Agno Airport. The SEA airports (Linate and MXP) are situated on the edge of east Milano and west of Milano. Linate is just on the eastern edge (1 hour 40 minutes from lake Como). MXP is just west of Busto Arsizio (45 minutes away from the center of Milano and 1 hour 40 minutes from lake Como). The other Italian airpot is Orio al Serio, this is situated in Bergamo (50 minutes from Milano and 1 hour 40 minutes from lake Como). The other airport (Lungano Agno) is in Switzerland. It is situated 20 minutes west of the center of Lugano (1 hour 15 minutes from lake Como). However, you will have to cross the border every time you want to get to the lake. The nearest Italian international airport is Orio al Serio.
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There are four airports within convenient travelling distance of Lake Como. These are Milan Malpensa airport (the main international hub serving the region), Milan Linate airport (which tends to cater to intra-Italian flights, for the most part), Milan's Orio al Serio airport, and Switzerland's Lugano Agno airport. Note that travelling to Lugano Agno airport would necessitate crossing an international border to reach Lake Como but, as the lake is located only a few miles from the border, this may be the most convenient option. Estimated travelling times from all three airports to Lake Como are in the range of half an hour to an hour.
Onward journeys from the airports to Lake Como can be made either by road or rail, but getting there by rail may involve travelling to Milan first and making a follow-on journey from there.
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Milan linate

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