What Is A Rev Counter?


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Rev Counter or Tachometer is an instrument that indicates the speed of a moving object. It is measured in terms of revolutions (revs) per minute.

The most common example of Rev Counter or Tachometer is the crankshaft of a vehicle. One revolution makes a 360 degree rotation of the crank shaft. The Rev Counter helps the driver to select the perfect throttle and gear settings that the situation demands.

The measurement in is recorded generally by a pick up sensor on the engine fly wheel. Though, alternators can also record the speed of the engine.

Rev Counter or Tachometer that are used in vehicles and aircraft etc. has markings to indicate range of speeds at which the engine can run. Long hours of driving at very high speed can cause damage to the engine.

In an analog Tachometer, the maximum speed is indicated by an area marked in red giving an indication that you are driving at a very high speed.
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Also known as a tachometer, it is used to measure the rotational speed of a moving object like a car or a airplane , usually displaying revolutions per minute.

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