How Can I Identify A Genuine 50th Anniversary V8 Defender?


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Taylor Edgar answered
For starters, it's year of manufacture should be 1998.

Apart from being the ultimate Land Rover 90 with its V8 power plant under the bonnet, one of the main distinguishing features of the 50th Anniversary model was the lack of a bulkhead behind the front seats. Or rather, its replacement with a strengthening bar instead.

There is also a factory fitted rollcage which is bolted to the chassis and protects the front of the cabin.

The dashboard of a genuine 50th Anniversary Defender is non standard and features a rev counter and a digital odometer. The steering wheel, too, is not your common or ground wheel that was usually fitted to 90s, the 50th Anniversary had a two spoke leather trimmed wheel.

The powerful four litre V8 is linked to a four speed automatic gearbox which supplies impressive acceleration for a Land Rover but fuel consumption that makes your eyes water.

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