What Is A Ship?


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A ship is said to be a big watercraft that is competent of deep water navigation, a ship is normally very big in size, big enough to carry its own boats like: - runabouts, dinghies and Life boats.

The ships are really large water sailing vessels that can travel in the ocean all over the world. The Great Lakes Freighter traditionally called a boat is another type of a large vessel.

A ship, during the age of sail was defined as any boat which was capable of rigging itself with three or more masts and all square rigged. Ships can work on various engines which include Steam Turbines, Steam Engines and LNG Carriers.
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A ship is basically a huge watercraft which is able to take offshore navigation. It is designed for government use such as military propose, research or commercial propose.
A ship has enough space and has a huge size in order to carry its own boats, such as lifeboats, dinghies or runabouts. Submarines are usually referred as "boats", because in the early age the submarines were usually of small size and easy enough to be carried on a ship in order to move from one place to another.

There are other kinds of vessels too, which are traditionally known as boats,of which are the Great Lakes freighter, the riverboat, and the ferryboat. They are large enough to carry about their own boats and heavy cargoes. They are designed for operations usually on island or protected coastal waters. During the age of sail, the ship showed a ship-rigged vessel, that was one with three or more spar, which most of the time were three, all square-rigged. Such a vessel usually has one fore and aft sail on her aftermost spar which was usually the mizzen.

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