What Year Did Harley Davidson Change To New EFI?


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Harley Davidson's sportster motorcycle is the first Harley Davidson range of bikes which come with EFI installed. This started in the year 2007 itself. EFI is Electronic Fuel Infection, which comes as original Harley equipment in bikes like FLH, Buell's, Dyna's and Softails all offer EFI since the year 2007. An EFI was always an option since 1996 but technological changes and a concern for the environment has caused Harley to make advancements in the direction of producing bikes with EFI already installed.

The main reason for this change from carburettors to fuel injections is the international environmental concerns. Some people predict that this change will persist and its hardly time before all the V-twins will be produced with EFI already installed. Harley Davidson has always been in the line since 20 years and has been making changes and improvements.
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In 1995 Harley offered EFI on the limited edition Electra glide. In 2006 the dyna line got it. In 2007 every model had EFI.

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