What Is The Length Of An Average Car?


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With very little information to go on here, it is almost impossible to provide a specific answer to this question.
The average length of the car will undoubtedly depend on the car model and factors such as how many doors it has. Also how can the term ‘average car’ be defined? Does this mean the average family car (which will on average be much longer), or an average car for a single person living in a city centre location (which may be shorter)? All these aspects must be taken into consideration when coming up with an answer to this question.
That said, there are a number of Internet forums that have come up with a few suggestions for the length of the average car. According to one website, the average length is just over 13.5 feet (4.12 metres). This figure is based on a study that was carried out in Portland, Oregon where some investigations were carried out into determining the size of parking spaces needed to accommodate the average car.
As part of this study, the length of approximately 400 cars was measured from the front to back bumper of the car. Then those carrying out the study looked at the length of the car spaces compared to the average lengths.
In general, cars that are designed for a larger family that have more doors and seats will probably be longer than other cars. They will probably have a larger trunk space too which adds to the length. Cars that are designed to be able to get around a busy city and squeeze into parking spaces are generally going to be shorter than other models.
The brand of the car may also determine the length as some manufacturers may design cars with a longer front bonnet than other cars for instance.
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In the 1960s, when I would load my 17 ft canoe onto the car roof rack, the tie-down ropes stretched outward to the bumper. If I were to load the same canoe onto my present car, the ropes would angle in toward the bumper. The average car these days seems to be a bit shorter than it used to be. My guess would be in the neighborhood of 17 feet.
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Well the average car parking space in 20 feet so I assume that the average car length is not far from that. Hope this helps

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