What Is Aeroplane Flying Principle?


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Air Planes fly based on a principle discovered and put forward by Bernoulli. This principle says that in the air is also a fluid and that in fluids like air, when the speed increases, the pressure decreases. Keeping this in mind, the wings of an airplane are designed in such a way that the air molecules that pass over the wing’s surface move faster. This reduces the pressure on the top of the wing as compared to the pressure that exists below the wing that gives the airplane the lift. When the plane achieves a certain speed, the lift is so much that the plane becomes airborne.
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The principal is easy to understand the helicopter flies like a bird, just the difference is that the bird pushes the air with the wing and the helicopter pushes the air with the rotor and hence the helic begin to fly like a bird
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The plane flies like birds.  Catch a bird and look at ıt  then you wıll understand    it  is easy

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