What S A CQR Anchor?


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The CQR anchor is a type of anchor that was patented in the year 1933 by Sir Geoffrey Taylor. CQR is an abbreviation for coastal quick release. This anchor type has been the base from where different types of anchors have been invented over the years, across the globe. The CQR anchor has the shape of a plow. This shape enables it to bury itself in the sand or the soil.

The CQR anchor is able to penetrate areas with seaweed and grass present under water better. This is because of the shape and design of the anchor. In the case of a CQR anchor, the shank is hinged, and this allows the anchor to turn corresponding to the change in the direction. The CWR, as explained earlier, is the base model. Based on this one, there has been a variation made, the Delta model whose shank is not flexible, but fixed instead. The tip weight of the plow-type CQR contains lead, and accounts for the heavier weight of this type of plow.
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I believe the name of the anchor is a play on phonics. "CQR - SECURE" not Coastal Quick Release. I have also seen it called CQR - Coral Quick Release.
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This is boat anchor is formed by two back to back ploughshares fastened to a shank by a pivot pin allowing the shank to swivel within fixed limits. It is virtually impossible for the cable to foul on the CQR. As the anchor falls to the seabed it lies on its side until it come under tension when one of the anchor's points begins to dig in and the shape of the plough share rights the anchor. Under high load the anchor will bury itself completely but can be broken out quite readily by the long lever arm of the shank.
The pivot of the shank allows for some swinging about without disturbing the anchor. Unless sufficiently heavy the CQR may not easily penetrate thick weed and can pick up so much weed that it will be unable to dig in.
There are many inferior imitations of the CQR but they can lack the CQR's self burying capabilities and holding power.
For use as a bower anchor a CQR of 1.5kg a metre, or 1lb a foot of overall boat length should be used -erring of course on the heavy side.

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