How Do I Fix A Low Coolant Light?


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A low coolant light is a device that is supposed to come on if the coolant drops below a certain level. Usually the level is one or two quarts. If you find that your low coolant light is on then this may indicate that there is a coolant leak

However if your low coolant light is broken it may be on continuously. This is a fairly common issue and may most likely be because your low coolant light electrical circuit has a fault. It is best to consult an expert like a garage mechanic rather than try and fix it yourself since they are better equipped to deal with such a problem. Remember when in doubt it is best to 'tow it'.

Each car will have a different low coolant light and fixing a broken low coolant light will really vary as per what car you have. If you have a 95' Pontiac Trans Am and your low coolant light is on continuously then try running a ground wire to the low coolant light to check if goes out.

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