Which Brand Is Costly In The Car World?


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Based on the Forbes 2005 report I have listed the ten most expensive cars available in the United States.The 2005 Salen S7 with a price tag of $560, 000 was the most expensive at the times of this report. Many of the more  expensive cars in the world range from $351,000 upward depending on many factors: Luxury, Sport, Economy and where it is made and sold. Some foreign cars cannot be purchased in the U.S.    Expensive cars become more costly year to year due to modifications in V-8 engines and increased horsepower. A high end Honda Civic could cost $800,000 if figured at $5000 per horsepower increase.    Here is the forbes list: Saleen S7; Mercedes-Benz SLR NcLaren; Porsche Carrera Gt; Maybeach 2; Rolls-Royce Phantom; Lamborghini Murcielago; Aston Marine V-12 Vanquish; Ferrari 612 Scallietti; Ferrari  575 M Maramello (Forbes, 2005

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