How Far From The Las Vegas Airport To The Mirage Casino?


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From McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas to the city's Mirage Casino is a distance of slightly over four miles. A ten minute cab ride from the airport on a good day.

From North Las Vegas Airport to the Mirage it is just under nine miles, or fifteen minutes or so by vehicle.

If you are flying into Henderson Executive Airport, the journey is just over 14 miles and should normally take around 18 minutes.
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I would like to know how far from the air port Las Vegas to The Mirage hotel casino?
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It's really not far, I've been 3 times now. A taxi ride won't cost you much but you'll get to see some great sights on the way!

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Not far, just slightly over four miles. I was there and I really like this casino, even more as High Roller bonus. I prefer real casinos more, than online, because of great atmosphere there.

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