My car buyer, to whom I sold my car almost 5 months ago, is not transferring the Registration Certificate (RC) on his name. We signed a paper with details of the transaction but nothing legal. I have also given the original RC. What can I do?


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Cookie Roma answered

You did sign over (and date) the registration to the buyer at the time of the sake, right?

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Barb Cala answered

We have no idea where you're from or what the laws are there.  But I would go to your Department of Motor Vehicles and tell them .. Show them any paperwork you have.  Signing papers is legal.  Until that vehicle is out of your name, you're legally responsible if something happens to it.  I would contact an attorney.

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Tom Jackson answered

The state that I live in has a form that allows me as a seller to notify the state officially that I no longer own the car and that I am no longer responsible as an owner or operator of that vehicle.

Look into that possibility where you live.

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