In an accident who would usually have the most damage? The person who got hit or the person who hit the other car?


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It depends on so many different things like how fast one was going, the place that was hit, front, side or behind and what type of vehicle. Certain cars do better than others in crashes or was a motorcycle one of the ones involved?

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I think i hit someone when i backed of my driveway i was going about 5 miles the car was at a stop sign right behind me i pulled out to my right the dent is on my cars left side not on the bumper but a bit above it the person turned it seemed they followed me but they turned onto a different street i dont know if they were writing my plate down or if they took a wrong street
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Hard to say.

Without narrowing it down to types, vehicles  and force diagrams, etc., that's like trying to give make sense of the answer to "What is the average temperature of any location on the earth?"

The "mean" is not representative of the whole because of the 'variance' of the data.

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The damage is on the side near the bumper of my car i have a little toyota carolla the other person had a pt cruiser type car
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Still can't make a general statement without knowing precisely what each person thinks happened. For example, if they tried to avoid hitting you the damage could be different if they hadn't taken evasive action.

Here's a link that will give you an overview of low speed accidents. It talks about injuries first, but then goes on to the accidents themselves.
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Of course, it depends. Once I was hit by another car. The driver of that car was injured, and I was absolutely healthy with no damages. The police said it was me who made that accident. Then I proved my innocence with the help of a great professional. Be the way, if you get in such a terrible situation - call a lawyer at first and let him collect all the evidence and papers. I recommend, Vladimir is a very qualified attorney!

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