I am thinking to get myself a hybrid car? Is it worth it?


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Tarresa Muffet , Hi i am Terressa, a market research analyst, answered

It’s useless to spend so much on extra money on hybrid just
to save few bucks of petrol.

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it depends on which car and what alternatives you are considering and what your goals are.. If you want to save gas and reduce emissions then it's probably a good idea. (also drive less when you can)

From and economic perspective look at the cost of the car, the expected mileage the car will get, how many miles you drive a year and the average price of gas.  You can then compare how much you'll save versus the alternatives.

for something like a Prius there isn't much of a cost premium  vs similar sized offerings so it's probably sensible. For a fusion is the hybrid version significantly better than the 4 cyl you'll have to calculate how long it will take to pay back the extra cost..

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Hybrid autos are future. The whole world is moving towards environmental friendly alternatives. In long run, hybrid cars pay off better. You can read this article for details 

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I don't like hybrid cars, I prefer gas guzzlers and I hate people that make a fuss about the environment.

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