Which Subaru is the best?


4 Answers

Otto van Zanten Profile
Otto van Zanten answered

Depends what you want it for. The Impreza is known for it's rally capabilities. The Forester has the same four wheel drive system but rides higher and is an estate so it's more practical for families. The BRZ (AKA Toyota GT86) is a very fun lively sports car that isn't made for the best track times, but for having lots of fun. Those three are pretty popular.

Alex Bradford Profile
Alex Bradford answered

I like the Subaru Impreza.

Michael Dude Profile
Michael Dude answered

It depends on what you want, I personally would prefer the WRX STI because it looks great, it has lots of power for its size and it has AWD and because if you buy them used you can get some pretty good deals. Another good one is the BRZ, perfect if you live in the city and you want something sporty but if your going for something bigger and family suited the forester would probably be pretty good.

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