Are Mesa A/p Light Duty Truck Tires A Good Purchase?


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I just bought a set of (4) new Mesa A/P, size 285/75-16 for my Z71 Silverado. They replaced a set of Bridgestone Dueler Revo's. I am very impressed with the tires so far. I drove them in the rain, snow, ice and mud...all situations seemed very stable and sure-footed. I think these tires are outstanding and a really great price at Big O Tires!
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I could only find a couple blogs about these tires and they said they have no traction in bad weather. One site says they were told these are a off market brand of goodyear tire another site says they are a saudi arabia manufactured tire so you be the judge....
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Zero traction on rainy or wet roads,Very dangerous.Had more traction with my worn out BF goodrich tires.Probably ok for off road but for slick roads very dangerous.

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