Any suggestions as to what I should get for a first car?


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Really depends on what you like (cars, minivans, pickup trucks, sports cars, etc.) but a good first car would be one that is reliable and gets good to great gas mileage. Most German cars (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen) are the most reliable cars. Although most Mercedes-Benz and BMW are really expensive, even used with over 100,000 miles on them, you can get a used Volkswagen at a good price. A good example of a car would be a fourth generation (1999 - 2005) Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagens are very well known for their reliability and if you can get one with a four cylinder engine, you can get very good gas mileage. It may be a "boring" car, but you don't want your first car to be unsafe, expensive for gas/insurance, or unreliable. After a couple years when you really get used to driving, then you can get another car, which really fits your taste more.

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Carlton Reed
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I don't agree that German cars are the most reliable. In fact, Japanese cars are the most reliable and have been for many years. Get a cheap but reliable banger for a first car so you can get used to driving. You don't want an expensive first car. Get something you can have a few bumps / scratches in while you learn and not be too bothered about. 
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Carlton, you are also very correct. Japanese cars (Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, etc.) are all also very reliable cars. In fact, the Mitsubishi Lancer was voted as the most reliable car from the past 15 years (I think that was in 2010 so from 1995-2010). Some guy also owned a Honda Accord and the odometer reached one MILLION miles on it. That is not something you would ever see.
 Honda motors can last forever. Nissans and Toyotas are also very known for their reliability, and you can buy a used one of those with high mileage for only a couple thousand dollars (but since they're so reliable, and repairs are cheap on Jap cars, it's a great buy...great gas mileage also helps make it an even better buy).

But also remember, mileage can be just a number. If you take care of any car, it can last you a very long time. 
The reason I went with European cars over Japanese cars is because I mainly prefer performance and luxury over eco-friendly. My first car is a European car from Britain (2001 Jaguar S-Type) which I got for $7,000 in perfect condition (only 53,000 miles on it!), but even though I personally prefer European over Japanese, I agree with you that for a new driver, a high-performance car isn't a great first car, and something cheap with good gas mileage and low insurance prices would be better (especially if you don't have that much money to take out of your pocket).
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