How Tall Is A 205/75/14r Tire Is?


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The above answer is almost completely wrong.

Actually, the 205 specifies the WIDTH of the tire in millimeters, 20.5 centimeters, or just over 8 inches wide.  The 75 specifies the distance from the outside edge of the tire to the edge of the bead of the rim, or the sidewall height.  Lower profile tires have a lower number here because the sidewall is shorter, not because there's less tread contacting the road.  The only part right in the answer above is the 14.  It does indeed specify a tire made for a 14 inch rim.  To answer the original question, a 205/75 R14 tire is 27.11 inches tall.
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The tire size is set up like this

205/75/14.  I'll break it down..

205 = circumference of the tire
75 = % of the circumference making width of the tread (Lower profile tires have a small number here)
14 = rim size

You can do the math from there...

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