What Color Car Is Most Suitable For Me?


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What are you like?? Gay or man??. Go for what you would be happy.. I personally love black, white, and red cars.. But of course it all depends on what model you will get..
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Without knowing anything about you or your car I can only tell you what is popular.

1. White

2 Black

3 Silver

4. Red

5. Gray

6. Blue

7. Brown/Beige

8. Green

9. Yellow/Gold

10. All other colors

White is said to be the safest color on the highway and the easiest to keep clean. Red is the sports car color. Black is the richest color it is the color of my show car and the hardest to keep clean.
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Personally i would go green or blue black is way to hot and if u live where it snows quite a bite white is very hard to see in snow and fog so thats why i say blue or green, red is a big insurance no no no cause they cost more and so do sporty cars go hybrid or at least family four door good luck
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I don't know you but white and silver are middle of the road color and is suitable for most people.
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The hot color this year believe it or not is white..but like the weather it is likely to change at the whim of the paid ratings companies/listings/automotive mags...
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I'm partial to metallic pacific ocean green and champagne gold ,but only on a 57 chevy four wheel drive 3100 truck...

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