Why Are The Spokes Fitted In A Bicycle Wheel?


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The spokes are the thin metal rods that transfer part of the rider's weight onto the much thicker metal rim, which in turn passes that load through the rubber tire onto the roadway. They are always in tension (being stretched out) and never in compression (being pushed in), and that is why the rods can be so slender yet will not bend out of shape. It is very similar to the cables of a suspension bridge and they are a major factor in the design of the lightweight modern bicycle.
You must adjust all the spokes to have equal tension in order to keep the front fork centered precisely on the wheel, or you'll have a wobbly and dangerous ride.
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Spokes are needed for a bicycle wheel to hold its shape and be a wheel. A wheel is a circular object whose job it is to spin and move, an otherwise stationery object.

It is not the metal frame of the rubber tire, which holds the shape of the rubber tire. The spokes are inserted at regular intervals and form a support system for the rubber tire and the tire frame. By working together these parts form a whole and the whole is the bicycle wheel, that goes round and round as you pedal down the street.

Without the spokes your tires would collapse and you would fall off your bicycle and that would not be fun!
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You can turn the spokes and get better wheel roll and a better gyro effect out of the tires and there by have better control and stability and more speed. Weight in motion is also very important, too!

There are 24 spoke rims and titanium spokes, too!

I'm not just talking. My son was National #4 and a factory rider BMX!
There are hollow very light weight rims 24 or 36 spokes, and tires without tubes, too!
My boy's factory bike weighted 9 pounds 6 ozs.!
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