How Do You Reprogram A Fuel Injection On A Grizzly 700?


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The Yamaha Grizzly 700 comes equipped with features like power steering, EFI, IRS etc. The fuel injection can be reprogrammed simply by using the pod. Even in terms of reliability, the motor bike is as reliable as most of the other quads in its category in the market.

Fuel injection is basically a method by which the fuel gets metered into an internal combustion engine. Today one can avail of a huge assortment of injection systems developed for different types of engines.

Since the internal combustion engine has been in existence, it is actually the carburettor which has been the mechanism that transports fuel to the engine. Later on, to fulfil more emissions requirements, catalytic converters came into being.

The fuel injection system is a fairly complicated device to explain. For a detailed explanation, go the given link -

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