What Problems Occur With A Vauxhall Astra GSi Turbo?


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Though the Vauxhall Astra GSi Turbo is generally considered a good car all-round some problems with the Astra G series in general have led to call backs and free replacements by the company.

In the year 1999 there were models supplied by certain suppliers whose power stirrings developed noise for which there was cost free program for replacement.

More than three thousand cars of the 3-door type were recalled during a ten month period from January to October 1998. These vehicles had to have the springs in their front seats replaced as they lost their tension.

There were electronic faults which were reported in the year 2000. The sensors attached to the camshaft were getting damaged due to spikes in voltages. There was a slight modification in wiring required to address this problem. Basically the wires had to be rerouted to avoid contact with the alternator.

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