When Did Petrol First Get Sold By The Litre Instead Of The Gallon In The UK?


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Petrol has been sold in the UK since the mid 1980's in litres, as opposed to gallons. The Tory Government then made an order in 1988 which relaxed the requirement to have petrol displayed in both litres and gallons.
The gallon was then phased out completely by 31.12.94, although realistically it had been more or less phased out by this time.
Britain had set out its stall in 1965, aiming to go metric, although imperial measures are still used on quite a regular basis (often informally).
When petrol began to be sold in litres, the great British General Public were very suspicious, because they viewed it as a means whereby the price of petrol would rise, but because we were paying for it in litres, we wouldn't know just how much we were paying for it. And indeed the price of petrol has steadily risen....

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