How Does A Hovercar Work?


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A hovercar is a science fictional transport vehicle. It is employed for personal transport. It works the same way as a normal modern automobile works. It does not fly in air but while transporting, this vehicle is elevated to some height above the ground. This happens through unspecified repulsion force, which acts against the gravity and thus succeeds in elevating the vehicle.

The ability to remain elevated during transportation is unique and very necessary in eliminating the need for tires and avoiding other obstacles that are found on the ground. It doesn't even generate a dust cloud. Hovercars can also be found in science fiction motion pictures such as Star Wars, ET, Spiderman, Star Wars, etc. Since it is a science fictional transporting vehicle, the only similar real life transporting vehicle is the hovercraft, which comprises a flexible skirt which acts as an air cushion, thus elevating itself above the ground or water surface.
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Thats somewat right and somewat wrong. The hover cars is now actual science. We have made working horcars that can go 50mph and that can hover 5ft from the ground

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