Where Is The Turn Signal Relay Located In A 1992 Bonneville?


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I finally found it! There are separate relays for the hazards and the turn signals on a 1992 Pontiac Bonneville.

The hazard flasher relay is on the right side of the steering column (under the dash). I had to remove a plastic panel that holds a courtesy light and the code reader hook-up socket to get at it.

The turn signal relay is above the left kick panel (above the fuse box). I didn't have to remove anything to get at it but it's not real easy to find. Just get a bright light and look around above the fuse box. (Yeah, it's a pain in the arse).

The OEM relays are the typical silver cylindrical type. They are both the same relay so I just swapped the working hazard relay for the non-working turn signal relay. Now I have blinkers but no hazards. Someday I will buy a new relay for the hazards. On 1/23/09, they were running about $11 at the local auto parts store

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