We Bought A Car 2 Weeks Ago & Now The Lot Wants It Back, What Can We Do?


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Ok, first let me say just because a lot is small and they provide financing for the customer,does not mean they are con-artists. 95% of all dealerships do not carry their own contracts in house because they can not afford to wait 3,4,5, or even 6 years to get paid like the companies offering financing can. Save your time , effort , money and dignity by passing on the lawyer because if the contract you signed says 552 or 553 anywhere on top, you'll notice you agreed to the terms and conditions being offered to you ON APPROVED CREDIT, when you signed in the box. This means approved by the financial institutions utilized by the dealership.It also states the dealer reserves rescission rights based on obtaining financing. In other words, if they don't find a bank to finance you, they have the right to get their car back. All the contract is, is an estimation of what the dealers finance managers think they can get you approved for based on your credit situation.Every finance company has their own set of guidelines. Keep in mind more money down, and a co signer may help. You can also go to your bank or credit union to see if they can qualify you for the loan through one of their programs for their members. Just make sure to ask why you were denied financing by the finance companies. Remember the dealer doesnt want to loose your business, but sometimes their hands are tied and they are at the mercy of the finance companies.Good Luck from an Internet Sales Manager at a very reputable small, non-con, dealership in California.
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If you paid for the car, forget about it.If they financed it for you like at a small time con man used dealer, then rush all info you have to a lawyer asap if you can't afford one check with a local office they would probable love to bust those dealers,read your contract carefully.

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