Is there a tieup with Honda Promo Yes company uk with RBI?


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Be very careful if you receive an email detailing a special offer from Honda Promo Yes in the UK, as affiliated with RBI. Chances are, you are the recipient of a popular scam email that has been widely disseminated over the Internet. This email has confused many people who received it, since they were not sure if it was legitimate or not; over time, the truth came to light, and the email was proved to be a fake and a scam. In reality, the British Honda Promo Yes Company is not running any special deals or contests through a partnership or affiliation with RBI.

  • How to avoid scams

There are all sorts of scams proliferating on the World Wide Web, and many of them begin as email spams in an unsuspecting person's Inbox. We've all seen the endless Viagra emails and the letters telling us we've inherited millions of dollars from people we don't even know...these scam emails are easy to spot, but some types of scam emails, such as the Honda Promo Yes email, is more subtle, and therefore more dangerous.

  • Do a background check

One of the best ways to avoid being scammed by an Internet email is by copying the body of the email, or the subject line, and plugging it into an Internet search engine. By doing this, you can quickly see if anyone else has seen this email, and whether or not it is on the level. Chances are, a scam email has been exposed on someone's blog or website.

Other scams may include affiliate marketing scams, or work-from-home scams - anyone who asks you to spend money, through purchases or investments, should be investigated thoroughly. Still another scamming technique is phishing, or trying to get access to someone's private bank account or identity information over the Web. Once you're aware of common scams, it will be easier to stay safe while you're online. Be sure to mark any suspicious message as spam, so your email provider knows about it.

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