Does anybody know anything about Bandolero Race Cars? If so could u tell me the basic details? Or just facts? Thanks!


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Bandolero cars have been designed for entry level racing for drivers as young as eight. They have rear mounted, air cooled, 30horse power (HP) Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engines, and are suitable for short oval tracks whether they are dirt or asphalt.

Standard safety equipment is a five point safety harness and roll bars; they are ready to race and an easy way to get involved with motor racing. An added bonus is that a Bandolero is about half the price of a Legends Car.
  • Specifications for a Bandolero Car
The wheelbase for a Bandolero is 70 inches; the overall width is 47 inches, the height 34 inches, and the overall length, including the bumpers is ten feet and nine inches.

A Bandolero weighs 750 lbs and the Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine has a displacement of 570 cc.

The wheels are made from steel and have six inch spec racing wheels that take a seven inch by 17 inch BF Goodrich tire.

The frame is a full tube frame with a roll cage, and the five point harness is a five point.

The suspension is a coil over with Bilstein Shocks.

  • Legends
The above specifications mean that the Bondolero is substantially smaller than a legend, which is 126 inches long; 60 inches wide; 46 inches high; has a wheelbase of 73 inches; has a track of 54 inches and weighs 1120 lbs.

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