A fishing boat accidentally spills 9.0 barrels of diesel oil into the ocean. Each barrel contains 42 gallons. If the oil film on the ocean is 2.5 x 102 nm thick, how many square meters will the oil slick cover? Assume that the oil slick forms a cube


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1 gallon= 0.003785 m3

volume of diesel oil= 9.0 x 42
                              = 378
area the oil covers= (378 x 0.003785) / 2.55 x 10^-7
                              = 5.61* 10^6 m2
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1 US gallon is .003785411784 m^3 (exactly)

The oil will cover an area of
(9 bbl)(42 gal/bbl)*(.00379 m^3/gal)/((2.5*10^2)*10^-9 m)
  ≈ 5.7*10^6 m^2 to a uniform thickness of .25 microns (or 250 nm).

If the oil were a cube, its dimension would be about 1.127 meters on a side.
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