Why Did Damon Hill Race With Number 0 On His Car And Is He The Only F1 Driver To Do So?


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The previous year's World Champion has number 1, his team mate has number 2. Nigel Mansell was the World Champion for Williams in 1993, but did not race in 1994, so Alain Prost retained the number 2, but new driver Damon Hill used number zero, only ever previously used by Jody Scheckter in 1973. Bizarrely, Alain Prost won the title in 1994 but did not race in 1995, so Hill once again carried the number zero when Ayrton Senna joined the team as top driver.
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I have suggested an edit on your post stewart as your facts are slightly off.
Mansell was the 92 champ for williams. He left at the end of that season
93 was the season in which Prost and hill were teammates.
93 season - winner prost.
Prost then left at the end of that season.
94 Senna joined hill at williams. Sadly passing at the 94 san marino gp. Michael schumacher went on to win the championship that season (94) and the following year (95) both for benetton. Before joining ferrari in 96.

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