Button Operated Electro-magnetic Gear Shifting System For Two Wheeler?how It Can Be Implemented


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A button operated electromagnetic gear shifting system for a two wheeled vehicle could be implemented using a stepper motor gear changing system. This system could be used alongside a micro controller system (which would move the gear to the required location) and a keypad for typing in the gear number needed. This gear shifting system could be used in order to operate a reasonably large two wheeled system, such as a pedal bike. It would be straightforward to use as well as effective.

  • How gear systems work
Gear systems exist in order for a vehicle to be able to travel at a range of speeds with maximum efficiency. Higher gears require less energy or fuel for the vehicle to operate, but can only be utilized at higher speeds or the vehicle would stall or be ineffective. Lower gears require more power per unit distance, but allow for greater control and are effective at low speeds. If you are finding this idea difficult to understand, consider riding a basic pedal bike. Note that when you are travelling at a moderate speed, it is much easier to pedal in a higher gear than it is in a lower one.

  • The benefits of using a gear system
The main benefit of a gear system is that it saves large quantities of energy and fuel. For manually operated vehicles, this makes travelling less strenuous - and for petrol operated vehicles, a significant amount of money can be saved. In addition, less pollution is released into the environment. A gear system also allows easy of use. Drivers can select the appropriate gear for the driving speed and find their vehicles convenient to operate. Gear systems are now installed in virtually every car and motor vehicle, as well as on most adult pedal bikes.
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This project aims at developing a very easy mechanism of An

electromagnetic shift arrangement for a transmission with gear wheels

arranged on a gear shift rotatable about an axis.Which will makes the

motor bike riders very easy gear shifting. Everybody desired for the

smooth running of their vehicles.  What so ever may be the speed of

pickup of the vehicle a person is operating. But one of the most

important system which every egg. Concern about in vehicles is the

Gear shifting system for ensuring smooth and desired ride on their two


This system consist an electromagnetic system which will work on the

principle of British scientist  William  Sturgeon  of electromagnet. An

electric current flowing in a wire creates a magnetic field around the

wire. To concentrate the magnetic field of a wire, in an electromagnet

the wire is wound into a coil, with many turns of wire lying side by side.

The magnetic field of all the turns of wire passes through the center of

the coil, creating a strong magnetic field there.

Some simple mechanism will be arrange with the electromagnet and will

help us to change the gear as per the desired speed.

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