What Are The Chances Of Having A Plane Crash?


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The chances of a plane crash are very very small.  But in some countries, they are higher than in the U.S.  Your chance of being hurt on your way to the airport is much much greater than once you're on a plane.  Remember the pilots are professionals.  They've had years of training.  Professional people with years of training maintain the planes.  But you can't say the same thing about automobiles.  If you're going to worry about safety, do it where it will make a difference and become a safe driver.

If you do want specific numbers of plane crash statistics, you can find them on planecrashinfo.com
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Thanks alot, I really have problems flying. I really hate it.
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The chances are about 1 to 11 million.  I hate to not scare the crap out of you, but when your driving, the chances of being killed by an automotive accident are about 1 to 5000. The chances of any form of complications of a flight is around 1 to 11 million
I hate to insult brandon10 but I mean, 1 to 5?? Really? That means that 1 out of 5 flights crashes. Basically, if you fly 5 times, you are certain to be killed, or maimed in a accident
and pretty much the same for 1/40. They arent that common. Sorry if I'm being an asshole, but thats completely unreasonable
and yeah, its a long time past due, but I don't care. A friend is freakin out about going on a flight and worried about if it crashes and I found a web page that had it so I figured I would share the knowledge...
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Well the chances of a plane crash are 1/5 remember the pilots have had YEARS of training.
Hope this helps
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The chances are about 1/40. I hate flying aswell! Although people say that there's more chance of dying in a car crash, if your car stalls or crashes you're not going to plummet 30,000 feet to the ground.

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