What Is The Closest Amtrak Station To Knoxville Tennessee?


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The nearest Amtrak station to Knoxville, Tennessee is in Fulton, Kentucky. This is a distance of 170 miles. There are two Amtrak stations in Tennessee but the nearest to Knoxville of these two is in Newbern which is 178 miles away.
The only other Amtrak station in Tennessee is in Memphis, 391 miles away using the I-40 West. This station is located in the cultural district of Memphis and has free parking. The station is open from 6:00am to 11:30pm and there is a police substation located on the station itself. The nearer Newbern depot is in the downtown business district. Again, the parking is free and the station is situated over the road from the local police station. There is no ticket office at this station, and there is also no checked baggage office. There is a limit of two carry on bags per person.
Tickets can be bought either in advance or reserved and paid for in cash once you have boarded the train. Amtrak was created on May 1, 1971 in response to the decline in rail services in the United States.  The first passenger train ran from New York Penn Station to Philadelphia 30th Street Station. Amtrak was put together using 20 of the 26 major railroads that were in operation at the time. All the railroads contributed stock, equipment and some capital. In return for this they had to discontinue their own passenger services and acquired stock in Amtrak. They were paid a fee for Amtrak trains to use their railroads.
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The closest Amtrack station to Knoxville, TN is at 47 North Alexander Street in Toccoa, GA 30577. It is 101 miles from Knoxville.
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