What Is The Best Way To Clean Dirty Wheels/ Chrome & Aluminum?


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There is a product out there called oil eater, and it works wonders, my husband uses it all the time. You might be able to find it at Costco if you have one, or a parts store. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Sophie Carroll answered

What's the best home cleaning advice you've ever received?

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Sergio Jemas answered

I remember the girl I used to live with was surprised when I said I never cleaned up the dirt and dust buildup in the vents. She said I was dirty and that I was putting my house in danger. I took her advice and the next day I booked the services of the dryer vent cleaning markham team https://dryerventcleaningtoday.ca/dryer-vent-cleaning-in-markham/. I liked how well they did their job and now I use their services often.

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