Why Does Blower Stays On After Ignition Is Turned Off In Lincoln Navigator?


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The blower motor on my 99 navigator comes on and off, wiper fluid light and 4x4 light blink on and off and make a clicking sound. Also radio does not work when this happens. Had no idea blower was running all night and drained battery. Why is it doing this?
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Are you sure it is the blower or the cooling fan on the radiator. My dad's car would run for about 3-4 minutes after he shut it off to cool the radiator down.
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Its the fan where the defrost air comes out near the windshield. It stayed on for over 30 minutes, finally had to remove the battery connections to get it to shut off. When the key is on, I can shut down the whole ac / heat system and it will be completely quiet. When I turn the key off the defrost blower starts pumping out air - like its on high speed. Its not cold or hot air. I made sure all of the ac/heat controls throughout the car were off. Didn't help at all.

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