What Does Squawk Mean In Airplane Language?


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Airplanes have transponders (an abbreviation of the word, transmitter-responder) that are used to help them be recognized on radar. A transponder is an electronic device that will give a response after it has received a radio frequency signal and are vital to make sure that aircraft do not have mid-air collisions with other airplanes.

Air traffic control, who monitor and direct pilots use the word squawk when they give an aircraft a transponder code, for example 'Squawk 2598'. Squawk, or squawking, therefore meaning select transponder code.

• Jargon

Using a word, like squawk, is jargon, which means that it is used purely for one particular industry, in this case, aviation, and is understood by the people working in that industry.

Other examples of jargon can be seen in the majority of work places and it often means that the people who use it develop an exclusivity that only they are privy to. It means that each industry develops terminology that almost makes them into some sort of exclusive club, with other people unable to participate.

This can give an organization a feeling of being a team even if the members within that team are not aware of it. The phenomena can sometimes be witnessed if groups of work colleagues go out socially with people from outside of the organization.

As talk turns to work (which it very often does because it is the one thing that they all have in common) the other people begin to feel left out because they are not familiar with that particular work arena, and some of the language that is being used.

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