What Is Digital Twin Spark Ignition?


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Digital twin Spark system was first used in Alpha Romeo V6 which was then copied in Honda CIty car & the same is now copied in Bajaj Automobiles like pulsar DTSI & Pulsar DTS-fi . In this technology exactly after a certain fraction of seconds the first spark plug ignites the second one also ignites itself @ voltage of nearly 11000 volts using a discharge capacitor. Since both the spark plugs are placed @ the left & right corner on the ceiling of the engine cylinder the flame produced id uniform & there fore the force exerted on piston is uniform . As a result the cycle of 4 Stroke ignition engine approaches closer to that shown in an ideal OTTO cycle & thenceforth work done is maximum, the thrust exerted by the engine improves with better efficiency & Braking Horse Power(BHP).
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DTSi means Digital Twin Spark Ignition which is a trademark of Bajaj Autos India. Simply, this technology use two spark plugs per engine cylinder which is different from previous technology which used one spark  plug for an engine cylinder. For more information click here.

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